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Politecnico di Milano Arquitectura y diseño urbano
Politecnico di Milano

Arquitectura y diseño urbano

Milan, Italia

2 Years

Inglés, Italiano

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Sep 2024

EUR 3898 / per year *

Mezclado, En el campus

* Tasas de matrícula para estudiantes no comunitarios: 3900 euros al año. Las matrículas de los estudiantes de la UE oscilan entre unos 900 y unos 3900 euros anuales, durante los dos años de duración del programa.


Mission and goals

The program in Architecture and Urban Design provides students with advanced training in the field of Architectural Design and develops theoretical, humanistic, artistic and design competencies based on the Italian tradition, facing different housing cultures, the new forms and spaces of contemporary cities, the development of new urban settlements in developing countries, the innovation in building techniques and environmental sustainability. The educational path meets adequately the increasing need to face the complexity of problems and the new professional responsibility of architects, as required both in Europe and worldwide. The program focuses on the core Architectural Design experience at various scales, both in theory and in practice. The educational offer makes it possible to characterize one’s study plan thanks to optional courses and to elective thematic and final Design Studios.


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