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Link Campus University Ma en la ciencia estratégica y ciencias diplomáticas
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Ma en la ciencia estratégica y ciencias diplomáticas

Rome, Italia

2 Years


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The Degree Course in Strategic Studies and Security Policies is taught in English and aims to provide high-profile, interdisciplinary training aimed at developing critical analysis skills of social, political, economic, and legal contexts specific to both national and international scenarios. These skills are made functional, throughout the course of studies, for the progressive acquisition of highly qualified competencies, as well as leadership and decision-making abilities, within both institutional and private organizational contexts.

The Course lays the groundwork for the formation of a modern managerial figure, professionally trained, capable of understanding and speaking the necessary language for those who must take on responsibilities in a scenario of high complexity and growing emergency features.

The course places great importance on teachings from historical, economic, legal, political, and sociological areas, combining them with specific training activities related to Strategic Studies and security policies.

Why Choose Defence and Security Sciences (LM-62) - Strategic Studies and Security Policies at Link Campus University?

Choosing this educational path will immerse you directly in the current strategic dynamics, crisis scenarios, and the intricacies of security processes. Throughout this advanced program, you'll benefit from instruction by professionals, experts, managers, and administrators who bring real-world experience to the classroom, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application.

The curriculum emphasizes interactive learning through lectures, seminars, practical exercises, lab work, and self-assessment tasks. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to engage in various supplementary activities, including participation in the thematic online blog Geohub, which offers an in-depth exploration of international political themes and is run by fellow students in the program.


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