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Erasmus University Rotterdam - Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Máster en Psicología
Erasmus University Rotterdam - Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Máster en Psicología

Rotterdam, Países Bajos

1 Years


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Sep 2024

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Is this the programme you're looking for?

The primary objective of our Clinical Psychology master’s specialisation is to equip students with a strong theoretical foundation and essential skills for conducting clinical psychology research, assessments, and interventions. This programme focuses on imparting knowledge and expertise essential for evaluating, diagnosing, and treating various forms of psychopathology in adult populations.

The study programme in a nutshell

Unlock the complexities of human behaviour with our Clinical Psychology master’s specialisation, focusing on adult psychopathology research and interventions.

What does this study entail?

  • An intensive programme with an emphasis on evidence-based clinical psychology.
  • Designed for problem-solving, where you collaborate in small groups to address clinical psychological challenges.
  • Provides excellent preparation for careers in mental health, education, or scientific research.
  • Instruction is in English.

This master's track focuses on adult psychopathology, approached through the lens of scientific psychology. In this programme, we explore the more complex forms of psychopathology as often seen within urban settings. Located in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, our urban environment often serves as the backdrop for our research, including the study of challenges such as addiction and personality disorders.

Throughout the theoretical courses in this master's programme, we delve into the research methods used in clinical psychology to study psychopathology, its causes, and treatment options. This theoretical and methodological knowledge is nurtured in a dynamic learning environment.

Additionally, the programme includes two types of practical skills training (note: you can only choose one):

Option 1: Clinical skills training. This option teaches fundamental therapeutic skills, including couple therapy and behavioural-cognitive assessment and treatment techniques.

Option 2: Practical research skills training. Here, you'll learn to address questions related to brain functioning and cognitive-emotional processes. These practical groups involve lab training and assignments, and you'll collaborate with students from the "Brain & Cognition" master track.

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