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About Syria

For many people, moving to and exploring the possibilities of studying in Syria is a desire. The country is one of the more challenging to study in for various reasons including the limited relations it has with other countries. For those who are committed to going to school here, it helps to take into consideration your goals and your unique needs. The good news is, if you can find opportunities in your area of study, the experience can be incredible.

What You Should Know About Syria

Syria is located in western Asia. It sits near Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon and is on the Mediterranean Sea. The country's capital is Damascus, which is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. This history is one of the key things the country is known for. However, the people living in the country are diverse, with various cultures and religious practices present. 

The country is known for its economy especially in the area of petroleum production. However, there is a strong arts and sports component present in the country. The food is also unique and a blend of a variety of Mediterranean cultures. With its long history that dates back to 10,000 BC and its modern, thriving culture, this country is one of the most unique places in the world. There is no doubt many people want to study here, but before you do, it is essential to learn more about the country's educational system.

Información sobre Syria

Capital: Damascus
Official Languages: Arabic
Government: Unitary single-party semi-presidential republic
Population: 17,951,639
Gross Domestic Product: $107.831 billion
Currency: Syrian Pound (SYP)
Time zone: (UTC+3)