Why Choose Master of Science in Business - QTEM Masters Network?

Earn your master’s degree as part of an international network of 19 leading business schools and corporate partners committed to developing global talent with strong quantitative competencies, analytical skills, international and intercultural experience, and management potential.

If you are looking for a master’s degree with global reach and an emphasis on the quantitative and analytical skills in demand by employers, the MSc in Business with the QTEM Master Network is the degree for you. You can choose to major in Finance or Economics plus complement this knowledge with skills and competencies in Finance and Risk Management, Applied Economics and Public Policy, Business Intelligence and Big Data, or Innovation and Strategy.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn to take optimal decisions by applying the knowledge and competency you develop by studying at three prestigious business schools. Through the programme, you will learn the latest quantitative techniques, and develop analytical skills needed for a global career in finance, economics, or management. By adapting to three different cultures over the course of your two-year degree, you will develop a global insight and intercultural competency. Your internship will give you hands-on experience, providing a great starting point in your career.

Among the most popular topics, you will find:

Finance and Risk Management: Learn how to manage investment risk for your company or clients. Manage funds and help people meet their retirement goals.

Applied Economics and Public Policy: Learn to analyse and interpret economic data to assess the impact of key public policy decisions. Advise key decision makers on the outcomes of decisions made by companies and governments.

Business Intelligence and Big Data: Learn to understand data and develop the skills to mine it. Become adept at developing analytical skills to make key strategic business decisions.


Applicants to the Master of Science in Business - QTEM Masters Network selects a major either in Economics or in Finance. The major provides you with the opportunity to customise your programme with a specific focus that will prepare you for your chosen career path.

  • Economics
  • Finance

Customise Your Degree

The QTEM Master programme combines semesters at BI and semesters abroad, together with an internship. By the time you graduate, you will have spent two semesters at BI, two semesters at two of our academic partners - plus the equivalent of eight weeks in an internship.

Career Possibilities

  • Financial Analyst: Whether you want to work on the ‘buy’ side of investments or the ‘sell’ side of products, the QTEM programme will prepare you to work for a career in the financial industry.
  • Equity Analyst: Help your organisation make the best investment decisions by building an investment portfolio within the company’s values and objectives.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Help give your company a competitive edge. Use big data to build the resources your company needs to make timely and valuable decisions.

Admission Requirements


1.1 Undergraduate Degree
A successfully completed Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) in the field of business administration, finance or economics.

1.2 The Bachelor’s degree must include the following foundation courses:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics or Econometrics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • And a minimum of two administration and management courses within marketing, organisational management, strategy, etc.

Please note:
The admission requirements above are minimum requirements. We recommend that applicants have more knowledge in the areas of quantitative methods, methodology, and within the field of the chosen major.


In addition to the entry requirements for all MSc degree programmes, the following requirements must be met:

  • A minimum grade of B in quantitative courses e.g. finance, economics, and methodology
  • A competitive GMAT score of 600 (target score of 650 preferred)

In the event an applicant does not meet all the minimum requirements, an individual overall assessment will be conducted. Based on an overall individual assessment of the application for admission, the MSc Admission Committee and/or the Associate Dean may make an offer of admission to an MSc programme. They may approve other documented qualifications to satisfy admission requirements.


This is a limited enrolment programme. The admission requirements are minimum requirements and do not automatically give applicants a right of admission. If the number of qualified applicants is higher than the number of study places in this limited enrolment programme, the applicants will be ranked by the Dean, QTEM or her/his designate.

4.1 Eligibility for Siviløkonom Title
Depending on the applicant’s educational background, s/he may be eligible for the Norwegian title ‘Siviløkonom’ upon graduation with the MSc in Business degree. The bachelor’s degree must meet the course requirements prescribed by the NRØA (National Council for Economic and Administrative Studies). For more information, please see the Siviløkonom Title page.

Recruitment and Admission Process

  • Application deadline is March 1st.
  • If the number of qualified applicants is higher than the number of study places, applicants will be ranked by the Dean, QTEM or her/his designate.
  • An interview may be required
  • Application for the first exchange semester will take place in June prior to the beginning of the academic year in August

Please note:
The admission requirements above are minimum requirements. We recommend that applicants have more knowledge in the areas of quantitative methods, methodology, and within the field of the chosen major.


  • Grades are posted using the ECTS scale.
  • In addition to the general admission requirements for all Master of Science degree programmes, each individual MSc programme has specific curricular requirements you must also fulfil to gain admission.
  • Admission requirements are subject to change.

Applicant Profile

BI Norwegian Business School prides itself on its rigorous academic curriculum and engaging educational experience with the career-minded application of theory.

To succeed in the MSc in Business - QTEM Masters Network programme, applicants need a strong foundation in quantitative methods, economics, and finance, exceptional analytical abilities, a global mindset, and a strong work ethic complemented by the ability to adapt to new environments quickly.

Our master’s degree programmes are looking for candidates who demonstrate the following:

  • Global mindset: willingness to experience new cultures, languages, and life outside their comfort zone as demonstrated through exchange semesters, study abroad, global volunteer experiences, etc.
  • Leadership potential: active participation and contribution to extra-curricular activities and volunteer work at school and in the community
  • Academic ability: learns, applies knowledge and improves academic standing over the course of a programme of academic study
Programa impartido en:
  • Inglés

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